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Xi app by Hamstar27
Xi app
My app for :iconcirque-des-reves:

((I'm truly sorry for the eyesore that is his color-scheme..... 
Also, to, I ended up editing this, and his history just got longer.... :/))

❤ N a m e : Xihuitl ~ goes by Xi
                 ((Pronounced Shee-weet))

❤A g e : 440 ~ looks about 19 or so 

❤B i r t h d a y : July 14, 1450

❤S p e c i e s : Quetzalcoatl ~ a feathered serpent that was once worshipped by the Aztecs
                      ((Quetzalcoatls are solitary creatures, never lingering in one place for very long. Their feathers are said to bring good luck, and the priests on the Aztec empire would use the plumes to adorn their headdresses.))

❤F a c t i o n : Red

❤J o b : Aerialist ~ Primarily Cloud Swing, but dabbles in trapeze as well

❤P e r s o n a l i t y : 
     |Cheerful| It's rare to see Xi doing anything other than smiling and laughing. He's quite excitable as well - to the point where he would run off in the middle of a conversation if he saw something interesting.

     |Friendly| Xi loves people. He will make it a point to introduce himself to anyone and everyone. Just be warned - he can be quite overwhelming at first . . . It seems that he doesn't quite understand the concept of 'personal space'. 

     |Impulsive| Xi is rash and impulsive. He tends to act before thinking, and doesn't whatever he wants, whenever he wants. That goes for his speech too - he'll blurt out whatever's on his mind with no regard to who's around to hear it. 

     |Restless| Xi hates having to sit still for extended periods of time (Well, when he's not sleeping that is), and will get really fidgety unless he has something to occupy his attention. He ends up practicing his act a lot to have an excuse to be up and moving.  

     |Childish| Putting all that together, it's suffice to say that Xi's just a big, feathered, serpent child.

     |Lonely| Even so, Xi is actually really lonely. Being an immortal, he has had to see everyone he knew eventually grow up and leave him behind. The reason that he puts on such a cheerful facade is to feign normalcy. The more he can laugh and joke around with others, the less he's reminded of his age. 

     |Guarded| It's rare to see Xi actually open up to anyone. He tends to only show the childish, happy side of him to other people, no matter what he's actually feeling. He's just quite terrified to let anyone get too close, since the nagging thought that he won't age alongside them doesn't fade.

❤H i s t o r y :
     -Grew up in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán
     -Ran away when Spanish conquistadors attacked the city
     -Spent the centuries traveling with no particular destination
     -Came across a circus and met one of the aerialists
     -Spent the next decade learning to perform
     -Left the circus due to his unnatural aging process
     -Found the Cirque des Reves

It was a grand festival. The city of Tenochtitlán was bathed in music and laughter. Sacrifices to the gods had already been made, as tributes to bring forth the upcoming rainy season, and now all that was left was to feast. This is the scene that the lone Quetzalcoatl happen upon. He was tired, having been traveling for so long, and the lure of the commotion was too great to ignore. So he shed his wings, taking on a human appearance, and joined the festivities. He did not stay long, as one night full of pulque liquor was certainly enough for the solitary creature. He had left within the day, on to the next stage of his travels. 

The Quetzalcoatl's visit did not go unnoticed though, as nine months later, Xi was born to one of the women of Tenochtitlán. The priests, upon setting eyes on the scaled child, immediately heralded him as a symbol of the gods favoring their city. The plumage of a feathered serpent were said to bring luck, and here there was a fully -fledged Quetzalcoatl in their midst. As such, Xi was well cared for as a child, raised by the priests as much as his own mother. From an early age he learned how to adopt a human form, and would run the city's streets, accompanied by the other children, sometimes in full plumage, and others in the dark hair of his human form. He grew up while basking in the glory of the height of the Aztec empire. 

But alas, as all good things, this time did come to an end. As his caretakers and companions grew older, he was left behind. Naturally, there came others to replace them, but watching the children he once played with wither away while he stayed a child took it's toll on him. Finally, it became unbearable. Several generations had passed, and he still looked no more than 12. He set his mind on leaving, and would have gone in his own time had it not been for the arrival of the Spaniards.

A colonizing expedition arrived in Mexico. The strange white men were welcomed with open arms. For a while, the two civilizations prospered, sharing knowledge and goods between them. However, the conquistadores were interested not in establishing good relations, but rather Spanish colonies. Thus, the conversion began. More and more white men arrived, building strange new structures, tearing down the temples of the old gods in favor of Catholic churches, and imposing their language on the Aztecs. Xi, having grown so accustomed to the old ways, was horrified at the unrelenting spread of these so-called 'civilized' ideas. 

As it turned out, he wasn't alone in his sentiment. While the colonizers had received a warm welcome, the native people rejected their attempts at restructuring their way of life. Insurrections sprang up all over the territory The Spanish put down these rebellions with little trouble, but they were growing weary of the continued impudence of the natives, and as such, decided to strike. They laid siege to the capital city, Tenochtitlán, in an attempt to secure the compliance of the rest of the empire. 

The nahua warriors fought back, but their stone weaponry was no match at all for the Spanish steel. Xi was terrified. It was his first time seeing a cavalry. The sheer amount of damage that the mounted soldiers caused was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Seeing the cavalry's relentless push into the heart of the city, his instincts took over, and he ran. Or rather, he flew. Taking to the air, he left the city's walls far behind him, guided only by the need to put as much space as he could between the metal-clad warriors and himself.  

He finally took refuge in one of the smaller cities nearby, and it wasn't long before he heard news of the defeat of Tenochtitlán. From then on, it was only a matter of time before the Spanish extended their reach and became the ruling power in Mexico. After a few episodes that involved more soldiers and more running away, Xi soon learned to keep his inhuman features hidden, and how to live under Spanish rule. He learned to speak their language, dress like them, and even to trade in the old gods for their own. 

Xi found himself in the same position as his father before him - a wanderer, traveling, seeking work wherever it might be found, and moving on before anyone could suspect his unnatural aging process. He remained in Mexico for a long while, but eventually the time came to move on. He took rides wherever he could find them, either paying with what little money he had accumulated, or by stowing away in secret. 

A few centuries passed like this. His journeying hadn't been entirely unpleasant, but nevertheless, Xi found himself growing frustrated. He had to move so very often. Each time it seemed as if even less time had passed since he had arrived. It was then that Xi happened upon a circus. He was enthralled at once. The aerial acts especially fascinated him. He'd never before seen a human who could fly. His curiosity eventually got the better of him, and after the show he snuck back inside the tent to get a closer look at the strange contraptions that suspended the performers in midair. He flew up to the ropes and began trying to swing himself like he'd seen in the show. Just then, however, one of the arealists caught him. By a stroke of luck, he was more impressed with how Xi had managed to get himself up there than angry at the trespassing, so instead of getting the lecture that he probably deserved, he got an offer to come with the circus and be taught the aerial art of the cloud swing. Naturally, Xi was exctatic, and happily accepted the offer.

Xi learned quickly, practicing whenever he could, and soon he was soon completely at ease flipping himself around the rope. Nearing the end of the decade, he began performing. At first, he stuck to short routines, done in between other acts, but soon he grew comfortable front of the crowds, and he became one of the regular performers. However, not long after, he realized that he had overstayed his welcome. It had been just over ten years, and there were some nasty rumors starting to circle amongst the members. It was only to be expected, after all, the years had passed, and Xi looked the same as he had the day that the circus had taken him in. So, despite truly enjoying performing with the circus, Xi left. It had been silly to think that it would have been any different that before, anyways. After all, he wasn't human. And so, he found himself right back where he had started - wandering from town to town, blocking out other people. 

Some time later, he came across another circus. For nostalgia's sake, he went one night. As before  the acts captivated him, but this time, his real fascination was with the performers themselves. They weren't all human. He moved from tent to tent, watching in disbelief. They weren't hiding. Rather, they were on center stage, on display, and completely unfazed. That's when he decided that he absolutely needed to talk his way into a position at this circus of dreams.

❤V o i c e : He has a slight accent, but it's difficult to place. It's probably somewhere between Spanish and Nahatl at this point. His default language is Spanish, due to the lack of use of his native language, and he'll slip into it if he's flustered. 

❤L i k e s :
     |The sun| Well, he is a snake after all. Taking naps in the afternoon heat is among his favorite pastimes.
     |Heights| That includes flying and generally perching on the highest point he can find.
     |People| The more he surrounds himself with people, the less he's reminded that he's been on his own for the past 400- something years . . . 
     |Chile| On anything and everything. The spicier, the better.
     |The Cirque| For the first time in a long time, he won't have to leave and move on as soon as it becomes apparent that he isn't aging. 

❤D i s l i k e s :
     |The cold| His body temperature will drop like a rock. 
     |Small spaces| He hates feeling cramped, and has a need to see the open sky.
     |Being alone| Too many unpleasant thoughts end up crossing his mind if he's alone with nothing to do.
     |Shirts| They're annoying and restricting. Plus, he can't have his wings out in all their glory. 
     |Spaniards| He's still not totally over the whole 'conquista' thing...

❤R e l a t i o n s h i p s :
     ~To be updated~

❤M I S C/O t h e r  I n f o r m a t i o n:
     ~ He sheds feathers everywhere he goes. By this point he's stopped trying to clean them up since that generally makes it worse...
     ~ He can shapeshift his feathers, scales, tail, etc, away to look like a normal human. Conversely, he can also shift his arms into fully fledged wings to enable flight. 
     ~As far as he can tell, he has stopped aging by now. 
     ~ He speaks Nahuatl, Spanish, and English fluently, and he has a passing grasp on French, German, Italian and Portugese. (He's traveled a lot, what do you expect?)
     ~He's never actually seen another Quetzalcoatl. He was told of them when he was young, but other than that...

❤R P  m e t h o d s : I much prefer lit rp via notes or google docs, but I can do chat rp through Skype or anything else. 
Hit me up for RPs anytime~ 

Sleeping~ by Hamstar27
I should really start regularly uploading things/

so well, these are :icondoxheart: and my characters
they have a bunch of worked out plot. 
but writing it all up would take far to long.
so just enjoy their pretty designs for now~
you'll probably be seeing more of these guys soon

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